Udemy In Depth: 2019 Workplace Boundaries Report

How are behavior issues in the workplace impacting business performance, employee satisfaction, and productivity?

Boundaries Overstepped: Companies Are Not Confronting Behavior Issues in the Workplace

With social media, always-on communication, open floor plans, and a growing menu of “fun” perks, employees are feeling pressure to share more of themselves with their coworkers. For this report, Udemy set out to explore the current state of personal-professional boundaries in the workplace, how people are navigating these boundaries (or not), and the effect they have on both employees and companies.


believe hugging does not belong in a professional environment


have received an unwelcome hug in the workplace


have witnessed bullying in the workplace


believe that their coworkers are too informal on workplace chat or messaging


believe that their coworkers shouldn’t be allowed to bring pets to work


believe that workout or athleisure clothes are not appropriate for work