Online Education Steps Up: What the World is Learning (from Home)

People around the world are learning how to work from home and stay productive as the Future of Work arrives.

New Udemy Report Shows Surge in Global Online Education in Response to COVID-19

Shelter in place and social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic have turned our professional and personal worlds upside down. People are adapting as best as they can to this new reality; connecting virtually, and finding online resources to help them continue to work, teach, socialize, and learn.

For this report, Udemy set out to understand the global trends as people turn to online learning to upskill, stay busy, and increase productivity.  The report provides a comprehensive look at online learning and teaching around the world and the findings reveal significantly increased demand globally across every segment: 

  • 425% increase in enrollments for consumers 
  • 55% increase in course creation by instructors
  • 80% increase in usage from businesses and governments