Udemy In Depth: 2017 Workplace Stress Report

Rising stress at work is driven by politics, artificial intelligence, and pressure to master new skills.

Workplace Confidential: The Real Story Behind Stress, Skills, and Success in America.

Workplace stress has reached unprecedented levels in the U.S., with a unique confluence of internal and external triggers—from a volatile political climate to the rise of artificial intelligence in the workplace. At the same time, the skills required to do our jobs change about every three months, and pressure to adapt is relentless. This study shows that workers are responding to stress by pursuing learning and growth on their own terms.

Key Findings


Nearly two-thirds (60%) of U.S. workers are stressed all or most of the time at work


Workers say the No. 1 form of stress relief they use today is company-provided training and professional development programs (58%)


57% ranked opportunities to learn and grow as one of the most important aspects of workplace culture